Hi, I'm a french narrative designer and writer
I've worked on Jusant by DON'T NOD, as narrative designer and writer. My work went from writing the lore and characters, to working on the pacing and structure, writing game texts, develop narrative mechanics and overseeing localization in 10 languages. I've worked closely with the Art and Audio departments and learnt the basics of Unreal to try to convey our story in the most organic way possible.
I've since been crafting quests and writing dialogues for the demo of an indie game project named Brood. Before all that, I designed and wrote branching dialogues for close to a year as a narrative designer at Quantic Dream, and was scriptwriter for major French publishers like Urban Comics and Éditions Milan. ​​​​​​​
I studied Cinema (fiction, documentary and experimental films). I’ve given workshops in writing and narrative design at L’Ecole de Design, Nantes, and in London at the Elcaf festival. I’ve been writing for comic books publishers and game studios, with teams of various sizes, for the past eight years.
I have a strong curiosity for cinema, photography, music and dance, fashion, architecture and design in general. Video games is where all these passions come together for me and I think it shows in the comprehensive way I approach my work as a narrative designer.
I'm available for work! Reach me at felixlepottier@gmail.com